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Trial Experience


A leading trial lawyer who became a Federal Judge once remarked that federal criminal trials are the last bastion of trial by ambush which separate the real lawyers from the want-to-be lawyers. If you, or someone close to you, is in need of a criminal trial lawyer, you need the real deal.

Mr. Kennedy has a national reputation as a successful and winning trial lawyer.

For almost 25 years he has tried federal criminal jury trials to verdict in Washington, California and Nevada. Indeed, over the past ten years, between 2006-2016, Mr. Kennedy has tried 11 federal criminal jury trials with 6 of those 11 criminal jury trials resulting in acquittals on all counts.


  • In 2016, jury trial acquittal on all charges in Department of Justice, mortgage fraud conspiracy prosecution [United States v. Haischer, 2:11-cr-267-MMD-CWF (Las Vegas)]


  • In 2014, jury trial acquittal on all charges in a Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, death penalty eligible federal murder prosecution [United States v. Hack,, 2:12-cr-063-PMP-CWH (Las Vegas)]


  • In 2010, jury trial acquittal on all charges in a federal rape or aggravated sexual assault prosecution [United States v. McKee, 3:09-cr-048-ECR-RAM]


  • In 2008, jury trial acquittal on all charges in a federal attempt murder of two law enforcement officers prosecution which arose from a shoot-out inside a home during the execution of a search warrant [United States v. Lantry, 3:06-cr-186 LRH-RAM (Reno)]


  • In 2008, jury trial acquittal on all charges in a federal assault with intent to commit murder prosecution [United States v. Jones, 3:08-cr-032-LRH-RAM]


  • In 2006, jury trial judgment of acquittal on all charges in a 44 defendant federal prosecution involving an alleged VICAR conspiracy, VICAR assault and related firearm use counts against members of the Hells Angels arising from the 2002 incident in Laughlin, Nevada which left 3 dead inside Harrah’s Laughlin casino [United States v. Regas, et. al., 2:03-cr-542-JCM-PAL (Las Vegas)]


Mr. Kennedy’s trial successes have come in a wide range of practice areas, including complex white collar prosecutions, murder prosecutions, multi-defendant RICO or VICAR prosecutions, sex crime prosecutions, firearm prosecutions, and even in criminal immigration prosecutions. One would be hard pressed to find an area of federal criminal defense that Mr. Kennedy has not defended over his career. Moreover, for going on 20 years, in the leading national trial skills programs, including the National Criminal Defense College and the Federal CJA Trial Skills

Academy, criminal trial lawyers nationwide have turned to Mr. Kennedy, together with other leading trial lawyers, to teach them how to sharpen their trial skills. Proven results. Client centered.

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