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Mr. Kennedy is sought out nationwide to teach federal criminal defense skills at the leading national programs. Some of those programs include:


  • National Criminal Defense College, Trial Practice Institute,, Macon, Georgia. From 2000 to present.


  • Federal CJA Trial Skills Academy, San Diego, California. From its inception in 2009 to present.


  • Winning Strategies & Fundamentals of Federal Criminal Defense

  • Conspiracy Cases - How to Handle and Win Them: 05/19/2016 (Denver, Colorado)


  • Pretrial Motions: Stuff To Know To Get The Discovery You Need: 05/19/2016 (Denver,Colorado); 01/27/2016 (San Antonio, Texas); 05/27/2015 (Santa Fe, New Mexico)


  • Discovery With A Twist: Rule 16 and More. 02/10/2011, San Antonio, Texas; 08/12/2010, Miami, Florida; 06/19/2010, Chicago, Illinois; 02/24/2010, San Francisco, California; 08/20/2009, Chicago, Illinois; 05/09/2009, Portland, Oregon; 02/06/2009, Charleston, South Carolina; 09/04/2008, Los Angeles, California; 08/14/2008, Phoenix, Arizona; 02/16/2008, New Orleans, Louisiana; 09/08/2007, Baltimore, Maryland; 02/09/2007, Albuquerque, New Mexico; 08/22/2008, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA.


  • Train -the-TrainersWorkshop. 11/2014 and 11/2015 (Santa Fe, New Mexico).

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