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It is a undisputed fact that many more federal prosecutions end with a federal sentencing hearing rather than a jury acquittal or a dismissal of charges. The proof is in the numbers. Federal sentencing laws and procedures are complex, confusing and challenging. If you, or someone close to you, is facing a federal sentencing, you need someone who is not only competent but has compassion, courage and creativity to achieve the desired results. Mr. Kennedy has negotiated hundreds of cases to obtain dismissals of all charges or misdemeanor dispositions or lesser felony charges. He has litigated numerous federal sentencing guidelines issues pertaining to almost every part of chapters one through seven of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines in every type of federal case. He has argued for and obtained many downward departures or sentencing variances, both on pleas of guilty and after convictions at trial, on varied grounds, and in some cases those downward departures or downward variances exceeded 10-15 years. Most recently, in February of 2016, Mr. Kennedy presented on departures and variances at a Kansas City, Missouri program co-sponsored by the United States Sentencing Commission and the Federal Districts of Western Missouri and Kansas. Proven results. Client centered.

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