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Mr. Kennedy defends federal sex crimes in Nevada, California, and throughout the Western United States. Mr. Kennedy has extensive experience in defending individuals accused of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and possession, receipt or distribution of child pornography. Among the clients Mr. Kennedy has defended against allegations of sex crimes include Mr. Andre Taylor, who was the technical consultant to the Hughes brothers documentary movie “American Pimp”. Among the successes Mr. Kennedy has obtained in defending sex crimes include the following:


  • In 2010, jury trial acquittal on all charges in a federal rape or aggravated sexual assault prosecution

[United States v. McKee, 3:09-cr-048-ECR-RAM]


  • In 2012, dismissal of all possession of child pornography charges in return for a plea to transportation of obscene materials.

[United States v. Holleman, 3:10-cr-043-RCJWGC]

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